Monday, September 27, 2010

Branch AGM Postponed To 18 Oct

Dear all,

The Branch AGM scheduled for tonight, Monday at 1730, DA office, 4 Clyde Street Central has been postponed to the 18th of October.

Please forward your nominations for the posts of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to Nictjie at the Ward 5 office () asap as we will be having elections to choose new incumbents. (If you would like a chance to show you can do it better, this is it.)


In the meantime, if you are not registered paid up members, you can obtain membership at the Clyde St office, or at the Ward 5 office.

Christina Engela

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


All beings that constitute mother earth have the following fundamental rights:

a. the right to life and to exist;

b. the right to regenerate its bio-capacity and to continue its vital cycle and processes free from human disruptions;

c. the right to water as a source of life;

d. the right to clean air;

e. the right to integral health

f. the right to be free from contamination, pollution and toxic or radio-active waste.

The understanding of and harmony with nature is essential in a world where we experience total abuse causing irreversible damage.

We should all be addressing how we’ve been operating and be willing to change our behavioural patterns. Destructive behaviour should cease and the natural self-correction of the earth be allowed to take place.

Food for thought all-beit maybe too late and placing future generations in jeopardy.

Yours sincerely,




I would like to bring it to the attention of the residents and business owners of Richmond Hill and Central that I am engaged in addressing the illegitimate use of the premises at 178 Russell Road, Central. In terms of the Port Elizabeth Zoning Scheme Regulations these premises are operating without Council’s Consent of Use. I am not aware of any application for secondary uses and would suggest that in terms of Business Purposes Regulations, they are operating illegally. Furthermore, they are not in possession of a liquor licence. Something extremely rare in our Metro is the enforcement of the law. On the one hand you have an advertisement in our local paper describing the facilities available on the premises, i.e. lap dancing, table dancing, escort ladies, bar facilities, open till late and on the other hand an extremely slow and arduous procedure to be followed by the Land Use Management department of the Metro., in cases of unauthorized use of premises.

The police and the Liquor Inspector have failed to find any liquor on the premises despite my seeing a truck parked on the pavement at the door of the “club” off-loading liquor and reporting this to the SAPS who to their credit responded immediately only to be told by the “club” owner that a birthday party was taking place on Sunday, hence the liquor!

Finally, I would like to suggest that members of the community respond to me directly in writing if they object to the approval and consequent issuing of a liquor licence to these premises. Equally, if the community are opposed to the Council proceeding with the approval of consent of use, please write and let me know. This must be regarded as an opportunity for the residents of Central and Richmond Hill to register their objections to this activity in their midst and I challenge them to respond!

Yours sincerely,



Monday, September 13, 2010

Notice of Branch AGM

Notice is hereby given of the

Annual General Meeting of

Branch 5 Members

Date : Monday, 27 September 2010

Time : 17h30

Venue : DA Metro Office, Clyde Street, Central, PE


1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Report by Chairperson: Christina Engela

4. Guest Speaker: Dacre Haddon, MPL

5. Election of New Office Bearers

6. Report by Councillor: Jeremy Davis

7. Closure

The Presiding Officer for the Meeting will be David Hayselden.

Monday, September 6, 2010


3 September 2010

Deputy Executive Mayor


ATTENTION: Cllr Nancy Sihlwayi

Dear Madam,


With all due respect I request an explanation for the continued cancellation and postponements of our Task Team meetings. The Task Team should be playing a major and important role in protecting our city from the negative impact problem buildings are creating in our midst. The Mayor obviously had good intentions when appointing this task team but has failed to monitor its lack of progress. Meanwhile buildings continue to be neglected and furthermore, illegal so called “essential repairs” are being carried out on the Baakens Street buildings with no action in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act 1999 being taken by the Metro.

I ask that the important and effective impact that this task team could have on the protection of our heritage buildings be recognised by you and other members of this team. I, as a member of the Task Team am deeply disturbed by the lack of concern you show in carrying out our obligations in light of our accountability to the residents of the Metro. I have on numerous occasions included the protection of our Heritage in the Red Location, all to no avail!!

I must also question the delay in promulgating the Problem Building By-Law by the ruling party for no apparent reason.

I look forward to receiving your response to this letter with some sort of explanation for the shortcomings I have highlighted.

Yours sincerely,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tele Canvassing 10 Aug 2010

The tele-canvassing session last night at the Clyde St office went very well. A big thank you to Dave for helping us last night - he was really on fire and in addition to showing us the ropes and working through quite a few pages of the voter's roll, would probably have sold the people an insurance policy if we had one to sell!

Our spirits were high, and we shared refreshments as we each cornered a phone and began working through our portions of the list. I saw a preserved front page of the Evening Post from 1988, showing a picture of a very young and eager Bobby Stevenson, and I realized that some things change, and some things stay the same. Despite the advances offered by technology, some things cannot succeed without good old-fashioned hard work. As yet, there are no machines that can pick up a phone and call constituents who do not list their email addresses and who would otherwise slip through the cracks.

We don't need an army to make telephone calls for 2 hours once or twice a week - four or five people will do just fine.

I'm sure not everyone likes speaking on the phone to strangers - I for one avoid phones as far as possible. I have issues about my voice, you see, and I dislike being addressed as "sir" on the phone, but hey - that's my voice and I'm stuck with it! Nevertheless, I will use it to the best possible effect I can to try to make the world around me a better place.

I'm sure you know it can be a frustrating task to call people you don't know, especially when there are people who lack manners and who put the phone down on you, or are otherwise rude - the people who embarrass themselves by admitting they are not interested in voting or in contributing to a positive change in the shared future of this country - but there are also rewarding moments when you encounter constituents who were not aware that they needed to register to vote, or proudly proclaim that they support the DA and are determined to help take the Metro in 2011 with their votes.

One gentleman I spoke to last night, originally from Scotland, told me he was "gatvol" of the way things are going in PE and SA and said my call could not have been timed better. And yes, he was most certainly a supporter of the DA and would dash down to the new IEC building at 122 Cape Road within the next 2 days!

Another person I spoke to wanted to register, but was having lengthy problems obtaining a new ID book - the Clyde St office will be contacting this person soon to help them resolve this issue with Home Affairs - and thereby ensure another vote.

Would you not find it rewarding to change the world around you for the better, even if it is by one person at a time?

Some may feel that this task of contacting non-registered voters is unnecessary or even "thankless" - but for me the knowledge that I may have helped to ensure another vote, and another vote, and another vote for the winning team - other than my own, is thanks enough.

I am sure the DA can count on each volunteer to vote in support of our party come election day, but as individual voters, we all have only one vote each. As volunteers, we aspire to do more than simply vote for the DA come election day, at least I do. In that light, I aspire to contribute more than just my own vote, but the vote of every person I can swing in our favor.

Let's make a difference together.


Christina Engela
Ward 5 Branch Chair

Friday, May 14, 2010


14 May 2010


All these items are top priority.

* Crime prevention measures, including drug trafficking, prostitution, human trafficking

* Multi-purpose centre which will include a youth centre for skills development, computer and technical skills, etc. (Dagbreek Teachers College)

* More clinics in the ward, currently there is only one clinic at Rose Street, the clinic at Lillian Diederichs closed down as well as the one at Trafalgar Square, North End

* Upgrading of the parks and playing fields as listed

* Erection of public toilets, vicinity of stadium, North End and Central (original application, February 2007)

* Incubators and containers for SMME’s

* Projects ring fenced for young people, skills development organization for the young

* Illegal dumping especially at the old cemetery and Adler Street vicinity

* Traffic calming measures at:

a. Prince Alfred Road (upgrade), North End including traffic calming

b. Gipson Road opposite the Provincial Hospital. There is an existing pedestrian crossing that is ignored by most vehicles and should be turned into a traffic calming pedestrian crossing. There should also be a traffic calming measure installed in Gipson Road from both sides of St. Croix Avenue which is the access road to the emergency unit of the Provincial Hospital.

c. Westbourne Road, Central. Access to Erf 2960, for students of PE College.

* Floodlights at:

a. The Green, Erf 518, Mount Road an existing sport and recreation area with two hard tennis courts. The field itself is used regularly by numerous young children to play football. The floodlights would allow access in winter between 17h00 (after school) and 19h00, solar lighting would be the most practical solution.

b. Erf 184, Voyle Street, Sydenham, needs upgrading as a sports field

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


10 May 2010

The Editor,

Dear Sir,

I want to draw attention to an incident I experienced in Havelock Street, Central on Tuesday, 4 May 2010, when I noticed a lady obviously distressed talking to a captain in the South African Police Service in his police van that she had stopped in Havelock Street outside Oasim North. I approached the van and listened to the problem as described by the lady. She said “that when the Traffic Department patrolled the street an all too rare occurrence these days, and placed tickets for illegal parking on the windscreens of the cars involved, the “car guards” then remove and tear up the ticket in order to ensure they get their tip when the owners return”. The owner, much to his or her surprise and unaware of the parking ticket issued would then receive a summons some weeks later. On this occasion the four very drunk so-called car guards were loitering on the pavement close to the police van. To the credit of the police they proceeded to load them into the back of the van. The problem now is that the lady involved and seen to be talking to the police fears she will be targeted and her car damaged in order to avenge her actions.

I want to warn others to be aware and furthermore I shall take this matter up with the traffic department. I ask the question: Why are the following actions not addressed by the powers that be?

a. Drinking in public
b. Loitering
c. The car guards allowed to operate despite the fact that they are not registered and therefore illegal.

Yours sincerely,



10 May 2010

The Editor,

Dear Sir,

As a Ward Councillor I am permanently at the coal face, so to speak, of a Metro that practices very little or no service delivery and that can only be described as a dysfunctional local government. Experiencing on a daily basis telephone calls not being answered by most of the departments and few, if any, replies to correspondence or even acknowledgement on issues of major importance with regard to citizens and rate payer’s requests, this experience leads to stress and despondency. On Wednesday, 5 May 2010, I slipped away from a monthly public meeting having had my say, to attend the Robert Selley Memorial Concert at the invitation of the Rector.

I can only say that this performance was so uplifting that all my concerns and worries were swept away by what can only be described as a highly emotional and exceptional musical experience. Once again I was moved by the high quality of music produced by these young “musicians” guided by talented and dedicated staff. It is amazing how beautiful music can feed the soul.

Thank you Rector and the Grey music department for injecting new energy into my being in order to pursue my many tasks.

Yours sincerely,


Friday, May 7, 2010


Dear all, this is a media statement by MPL Dacre Haddon that was not covered in the Herald this morning in relation to the recent bus tragedy.



DATE: 6 MAY 2010

The Democratic Alliance extends its condolences and prayers to the families of the deceased and injured in the horror bus accident that occurred yesterday (subs: wed, 5 May) near De Doorns in the Western Cape.

Sadly again the bus involved comes from the Eastern Cape.

I will on behalf of the DA in the Provincial Legislature be proposing a motion during the next sitting in June to ask for an audit of all bus companies in the province to ascertain how many busses are in an unroadworthy state and an audit on driver training so as to curb the shocking on-going spate of bus accidents in this province and elsewhere.

Furthermore, the motion will be calling for criminal charges and rectification measures to be taken against the owners and the driver of the bus, who should all be jailed for a long time.

In February I asked parliamentary questions regarding the policing of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads and was assured that plans were in place to have special law enforcement done during the Soccer World Cup. Why must we wait for the World Cup to put on a false show of law enforcement when such enforcement should be a daily sustained effort by our traffic authorities?

Harsh action against owners and drivers of unroadworthy busses must be enforced on a sustained basis to act as a deterrent to those who do not regard the value of human life.

** The replies from the MEC for Transport, Ghisha Barry, to my parliamentary questions are attached.

For further information, please contact Dacre Haddon, MPL

To view current DA statements go to

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The NELSON MANDELA BAY IDP&BUDGET PUBLIC HEARINGS are open to the public and the schedule commences on 3 May until 12 May 2010:

The importance of involving Civil Society, including Sectors, NGO and other Civil Society Organisations in assessing municipal and broader public sector performance on issues such as IDP, Amount, quality and cost of services provided by the municipality. While these initiatives and platforms created at citizens participation is laudable, there is a concerted effort to exchange ideas, skills and views so as to enhance Service delivery and quality community engagement. The engagement with Communities on IDP and Budget Processes should not be viewed in isolation but as the continuation of other community engagements that the municipality is engaging on.

1. Continuous implementation of the 100 days Priorities within the context of local driven and people centred development plans

2. Rollout Plans of Ward Based Plans and assessment of the Progress made

3. Reflect on the Progress made in implementing the IDP and Budget Priorities of 2009/2010 Financial Year with a specific focus of drafting Electioneering IDP and Budget for the next 2010/2011 Financial

4. To ensure that Batho Pele underlies IDP and Budget and

5. continuously ensure that Public engagements or citizens forums are held in the year of action to give people of the Metro a voice in Policy making and feedback on service delivery

In addition of Community Leadership Consultative session/Mini workshops to prepare our communities, there will be 60 Broader Public Hearings on Ward Based Plans IDP and Budget as from 24 March 2010 – 27 April 2010...

There will be Six Groups, led by the Executive Mayor and Deputy Executive Mayor and Mayoral Committee Members to ensure that we reach every stakeholder and individual members of our communities in an effort to have a people driven Developmental product:

o Notices have been sent to Ward Councillors
o The Radio Slots is being developed by Communication and we would love the Leadership to be available as from Wednesday morning for such a Radio Programme
o The Office of the Chief Whip will communicate will all the Councillors and all the strategic partners and ensure maximum participation of Councillors
o Office of the Municipal Manager to ensure visibility of Directorates especially ED’s
o Loudhailing is going to Start as from Tuesday afternoon using the GMD Approach


22 April 2010

Dear Sir,

I must draw attention to the impact that Human Trafficking is having on the crime situation in our municipality, particularly in Central and North End. It must be born in mind that there is much money to be made from refugees seeking refuge in South Africa. To put it briefly, all documents pertaining to the refugees are removed by the so called “Agent”, including any financial and other belongings. The “agent” then has total control over the individual who is now forced to turn to crime in order to meet his or her living costs and “agents” fees. It must also be born in mind that in many of these cases of human trafficking, the refugee is enticed to come to this country under false pretences. At present we are experiencing a huge influx of refugees from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. The Home Affairs Offices would appear to be understaffed and unable to cope with this influx. Mandela Bay is seen to be a soft touch as it is easier to get permits in the Bay, they skip Durban and Johannesburg and come here. Marriages of convenience are common where refugees marry township ladies, when the papers come through they may leave the country with a South African passport when and if they like, leaving behind a wife more often than not with children!

What’s the solution to this ongoing problem? Firstly, Control Immigration Officers must be better paid, Customs Officers earn nearly double and as a result there are very few corruption problems in customs and furthermore they get incentive bonuses. Stricter entry requirements must be introduced, plus minus three million refugees in South Africa are Asylum Refugees, the reasons for seeking asylum should be investigated, one million are illegal refugees.

One must bear in mind that plus minus five million refugees impact very negatively on the employment market of our own people.

Finally, I must point out that to a large extent Home Affairs have their hands tied as they are forced to release refugees, particularly from Somalia on grounds of victimisation and instructions from the Human Rights Commission.

Refugees from countries where there is war or other problems may not be returned to their country of origin, this aspect should be better investigated and stricter entry requirements enforced.

Human trafficking should be taken out of the political arena and be treated as a very serious problem. We must think positively and act against this abuse that leads to prostitution, drug addiction and crime in general.

With the advent of the World Cup many of the visitors to this country will feed on the product of human trafficking with glee creating a demand as never experienced before!

Yours sincerely,



6 April 2010

Dear Sir,

On the 20th February 2007 the Ward Committee of Ward 5 put a proposal to the Metro to include Public Toilet Facilities in the Integrated Development Plan to be built according to the architectural dictates of the areas concerned in Central, Richmond Hill, North End, Mount Croix and Sydenham in order to provide hygienic facilities for the masses anticipated to invade our shores for the World Cup. To date, needless to say, no provision has been made to accommodate the crowds. This will only lead to people using the pavements, trees and residents gardens as W.C’s, not world cups, but water-closets!

Time is running out, I even went so far as to propose these facilities be seen as a job creation and empowerment project supervised and with the emphasis on hygiene.

Furthermore, I suggested that the existing facilities be upgraded and repaired.

Yours sincerely,



6 April 2010

Dear Sir.

I have once again brought these access steps to the attention of the Department of Infrastructure and Engineering in our Metro. The steps provide easy access for criminal’s intent on plying their trade either in Richmond Hill or Central and provide an escape route that invariably ends up in Govan Mbeki.

My correspondence started in March 2006 triggered by reports of muggings, rapes and robberies. I have continuously emphasized the safety of the residents being of paramount importance to no avail as one department passes the ball to the other department, in this case the two roll players being Housing and Land (Land Planning & Management Silo) and the Infrastructure and Engineering department who have for four years, despite regular requests not attended to this matter but just passed the buck. This must stop somewhere or are they waiting for further evidence possibly a loss of life before they act?

A Ward Councillor’s job is not an enviable one at the best of times and never before have I resorted to involving the press in this manner, but it must be brought to the ratepayers’ notice that all is not well in our metro and most of the departments seem to have political agendas that are not in the interest of the residents.

Yours sincerely,



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Other Ward 5 Items

  • Traffic Calming Measures outside the Provincial Hospital, Gipson Road and in particular at the turn into St. Croix Avenue was requested. This is a highly dangerous situation where control of traffic speed is essential.
  • A letter was sent to the ED: Housing & Land regarding the Contravention of the PE Zoning Scheme. I wrote, “It would appear that your description of the site concerned is totally flawed, in light of the fact that Erf No 2845 & 2846 are now consolidated into Erf No 6145 and that municipal drawings have been approved and stamped. Furthermore, the building in question is zone Bus. 1 and the Fushin Sushi is a licenced restaurant and not as stated by you, a bottle store. Aljo’s Supermarket have a bottle store next to their store and maybe you should identify the land usage of these premises.
  • A letter addressed to the Exec. Mayor, Cllr Zanoxolo Wayile regarding Library Week: 22-27 03/2010, with regard to a group of SAMWU members who refused to allow the meeting at the Newton Park Library to discuss the Metro Libraries to take place.
  • Mothwa Haven - my concern is for the elderly who have now got to find alternative accommodation. This must be very distressing for their families. 61 Employees are losing their jobs.
  • A letter was sent to Housing & Land Dept re Erf 5645, The Baakens Str Police Station Bldg, with regards to the “essential repairs” being carried out despite making several phone calls to the building inspectorate trying to establish whether building plans should have been submitted or not or whether the essential repairs being carried out are in order. A chimney has been removed and at least 2 roof windows that change the aesthetics of the building quire considerably.
  • Thedmar Court, Erf 2657: A borehole for water has been sunk in the forecourt of this building. Does this conform with regulations?

Heritage Buildings Falling Into A State Of Decay

A letter was sent to the Deputy Executive Mayor, Cllr Nancy Sihlwayi on 29 March 2010, regarding an article in the Sunday Times of 28 March 2010 regarding “Joburg to force sale of Mandela building - Chancellor House, the bldg that housed the legal offices of struggle icons Oliver Tambo & Nelson Mandela in the 50’s, is to be expropriated by the City of Jhb. After attempts to buy the property from Polokwane business man Aziz Essa failed, the city has decided that the property will undergo a mandatory sale.

This can be done without the consent of the owner, who we have tried unsuccessfully to convince to sell, said Lael Bethlehem, CEO of Jhb Dev. Agency. The dilapidated building, which has been damaged by fire, was until recently occupied by vagrants, now evicted. The structure of the building has been badly damaged and living conditions are both unsafe and unhygienic. For any building this is unacceptable. For a building of such historic importance, the situation is reprehensible, Bethlehem said”. I have said for a very long time that the only viable and effective solution to enforce the compulsory repair order and the carrying out of essential repairs to buildings falling into a state of decay is to attach the building for sale by public auction or for the Metro to expropriate the building and in this case convert the Baakens Street Police Station into a museum and the Post Office into Council Chambers.

The legal route we intend taking will be a very lengthy process running into many years and to be avoided.

A Multi Party Task Team to attend to the destruction of our Heritage buildings in the Metro with particular emphasis on Central and the MBDA (Mandela Bay Development Agency) Mandate Area has been formed on which Cllrs Herbst, Biddulph and I serve. We hold regular meetings but once again as in most cases involving the Metro, things are not progressing at the pace we would like them to. The definition of the term “essential repairs” has been raised with several officials but so far clarity is lacking. I think it is extremely important that independent legal opinion and advice should be engaged and have put this to the committee.

Clr J. Davis

Council Ignores Community Views

With reference to the article in The Herald dated 10 March, “Eatery next to old age home gets green light”, this application for a licensed restaurant in Stebonheath Road and consequent decision of both the Liquor Board and the Nelson Mandela Bay Housing & Land Committee is both flawed and another example of our communites represented by ward committees and ward councillors being treated with total disdain despite the fact all the correct procedures of objection had been followed. The item in the housing and land committee agenda for March 9 states “the application was advertised in the prescribed manner and no objections have been received”.

The agenda then proceeds to list all the objections, referring to them as comments from the ward councillor.

Just to add fuel to the fire I noticed recommendation (b) differs from the original recommendation.

As a councillor who places enormous emphasis on accuracy and humanitarian issues, I am perpetually frustrated by incompetence.

Clr J. Davis

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ward 5 Branch Meeting 8 April 2010

The Ward 5 Branch Committee will be meeting at the Ward 5 Office in Clevedon Rd on 8 April at 17:30.

Topic of discussion will be canvassing for the coming municipal elections in 2011, and any other matters arising in the Ward 5 area.

The DA stands for an equal opportunity society, no matter who you are - so if you believe in equal opportunities for everyone, then the DA is for you!

I will have my DA membership receipt book with me tonight, so anyone wanting to join as official members of the DA is welcome to approach me! The membership fee is only ten Rand.

If you are a DA supporter and a resident in the Ward 5 area of Port Elizabeth, please feel welcome to join us and to give your input in how we can make things better.