Thursday, April 29, 2010

Council Ignores Community Views

With reference to the article in The Herald dated 10 March, “Eatery next to old age home gets green light”, this application for a licensed restaurant in Stebonheath Road and consequent decision of both the Liquor Board and the Nelson Mandela Bay Housing & Land Committee is both flawed and another example of our communites represented by ward committees and ward councillors being treated with total disdain despite the fact all the correct procedures of objection had been followed. The item in the housing and land committee agenda for March 9 states “the application was advertised in the prescribed manner and no objections have been received”.

The agenda then proceeds to list all the objections, referring to them as comments from the ward councillor.

Just to add fuel to the fire I noticed recommendation (b) differs from the original recommendation.

As a councillor who places enormous emphasis on accuracy and humanitarian issues, I am perpetually frustrated by incompetence.

Clr J. Davis

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