Thursday, April 29, 2010

Other Ward 5 Items

  • Traffic Calming Measures outside the Provincial Hospital, Gipson Road and in particular at the turn into St. Croix Avenue was requested. This is a highly dangerous situation where control of traffic speed is essential.
  • A letter was sent to the ED: Housing & Land regarding the Contravention of the PE Zoning Scheme. I wrote, “It would appear that your description of the site concerned is totally flawed, in light of the fact that Erf No 2845 & 2846 are now consolidated into Erf No 6145 and that municipal drawings have been approved and stamped. Furthermore, the building in question is zone Bus. 1 and the Fushin Sushi is a licenced restaurant and not as stated by you, a bottle store. Aljo’s Supermarket have a bottle store next to their store and maybe you should identify the land usage of these premises.
  • A letter addressed to the Exec. Mayor, Cllr Zanoxolo Wayile regarding Library Week: 22-27 03/2010, with regard to a group of SAMWU members who refused to allow the meeting at the Newton Park Library to discuss the Metro Libraries to take place.
  • Mothwa Haven - my concern is for the elderly who have now got to find alternative accommodation. This must be very distressing for their families. 61 Employees are losing their jobs.
  • A letter was sent to Housing & Land Dept re Erf 5645, The Baakens Str Police Station Bldg, with regards to the “essential repairs” being carried out despite making several phone calls to the building inspectorate trying to establish whether building plans should have been submitted or not or whether the essential repairs being carried out are in order. A chimney has been removed and at least 2 roof windows that change the aesthetics of the building quire considerably.
  • Thedmar Court, Erf 2657: A borehole for water has been sunk in the forecourt of this building. Does this conform with regulations?

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