Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ward 5 Branch Meeting 8 April 2010

The Ward 5 Branch Committee will be meeting at the Ward 5 Office in Clevedon Rd on 8 April at 17:30.

Topic of discussion will be canvassing for the coming municipal elections in 2011, and any other matters arising in the Ward 5 area.

The DA stands for an equal opportunity society, no matter who you are - so if you believe in equal opportunities for everyone, then the DA is for you!

I will have my DA membership receipt book with me tonight, so anyone wanting to join as official members of the DA is welcome to approach me! The membership fee is only ten Rand.

If you are a DA supporter and a resident in the Ward 5 area of Port Elizabeth, please feel welcome to join us and to give your input in how we can make things better.

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