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10 May 2010

The Editor,

Dear Sir,

I want to draw attention to an incident I experienced in Havelock Street, Central on Tuesday, 4 May 2010, when I noticed a lady obviously distressed talking to a captain in the South African Police Service in his police van that she had stopped in Havelock Street outside Oasim North. I approached the van and listened to the problem as described by the lady. She said “that when the Traffic Department patrolled the street an all too rare occurrence these days, and placed tickets for illegal parking on the windscreens of the cars involved, the “car guards” then remove and tear up the ticket in order to ensure they get their tip when the owners return”. The owner, much to his or her surprise and unaware of the parking ticket issued would then receive a summons some weeks later. On this occasion the four very drunk so-called car guards were loitering on the pavement close to the police van. To the credit of the police they proceeded to load them into the back of the van. The problem now is that the lady involved and seen to be talking to the police fears she will be targeted and her car damaged in order to avenge her actions.

I want to warn others to be aware and furthermore I shall take this matter up with the traffic department. I ask the question: Why are the following actions not addressed by the powers that be?

a. Drinking in public
b. Loitering
c. The car guards allowed to operate despite the fact that they are not registered and therefore illegal.

Yours sincerely,


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