Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The NELSON MANDELA BAY IDP&BUDGET PUBLIC HEARINGS are open to the public and the schedule commences on 3 May until 12 May 2010:

The importance of involving Civil Society, including Sectors, NGO and other Civil Society Organisations in assessing municipal and broader public sector performance on issues such as IDP, Amount, quality and cost of services provided by the municipality. While these initiatives and platforms created at citizens participation is laudable, there is a concerted effort to exchange ideas, skills and views so as to enhance Service delivery and quality community engagement. The engagement with Communities on IDP and Budget Processes should not be viewed in isolation but as the continuation of other community engagements that the municipality is engaging on.

1. Continuous implementation of the 100 days Priorities within the context of local driven and people centred development plans

2. Rollout Plans of Ward Based Plans and assessment of the Progress made

3. Reflect on the Progress made in implementing the IDP and Budget Priorities of 2009/2010 Financial Year with a specific focus of drafting Electioneering IDP and Budget for the next 2010/2011 Financial

4. To ensure that Batho Pele underlies IDP and Budget and

5. continuously ensure that Public engagements or citizens forums are held in the year of action to give people of the Metro a voice in Policy making and feedback on service delivery

In addition of Community Leadership Consultative session/Mini workshops to prepare our communities, there will be 60 Broader Public Hearings on Ward Based Plans IDP and Budget as from 24 March 2010 – 27 April 2010...

There will be Six Groups, led by the Executive Mayor and Deputy Executive Mayor and Mayoral Committee Members to ensure that we reach every stakeholder and individual members of our communities in an effort to have a people driven Developmental product:

o Notices have been sent to Ward Councillors
o The Radio Slots is being developed by Communication and we would love the Leadership to be available as from Wednesday morning for such a Radio Programme
o The Office of the Chief Whip will communicate will all the Councillors and all the strategic partners and ensure maximum participation of Councillors
o Office of the Municipal Manager to ensure visibility of Directorates especially ED’s
o Loudhailing is going to Start as from Tuesday afternoon using the GMD Approach

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