Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I would like to bring it to the attention of the residents and business owners of Richmond Hill and Central that I am engaged in addressing the illegitimate use of the premises at 178 Russell Road, Central. In terms of the Port Elizabeth Zoning Scheme Regulations these premises are operating without Council’s Consent of Use. I am not aware of any application for secondary uses and would suggest that in terms of Business Purposes Regulations, they are operating illegally. Furthermore, they are not in possession of a liquor licence. Something extremely rare in our Metro is the enforcement of the law. On the one hand you have an advertisement in our local paper describing the facilities available on the premises, i.e. lap dancing, table dancing, escort ladies, bar facilities, open till late and on the other hand an extremely slow and arduous procedure to be followed by the Land Use Management department of the Metro., in cases of unauthorized use of premises.

The police and the Liquor Inspector have failed to find any liquor on the premises despite my seeing a truck parked on the pavement at the door of the “club” off-loading liquor and reporting this to the SAPS who to their credit responded immediately only to be told by the “club” owner that a birthday party was taking place on Sunday, hence the liquor!

Finally, I would like to suggest that members of the community respond to me directly in writing if they object to the approval and consequent issuing of a liquor licence to these premises. Equally, if the community are opposed to the Council proceeding with the approval of consent of use, please write and let me know. This must be regarded as an opportunity for the residents of Central and Richmond Hill to register their objections to this activity in their midst and I challenge them to respond!

Yours sincerely,



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